* Check-in start @ 14:00pm and till 23:00pm
* Check-out before 11:00am
* Please check a cancellation policy beforehand.

Please press the send button after filling in the required information.
The booking confirmation will be sent to you via email after checking our availability for the date of your request. We will also email you as soon as possible if rooms requested are already occupied.
If an email is not sent to you within two days,
please contact us by e-mail.(
As it has sometimes occured that mail from Hotel Toyo is automatically marked as spam (particularly by free mail servers such as Hotmail, Gmail etc.), if you do not receive a reply from us please check your spam folder to ensure that this is not the case.
Please do not use and, because we can not send to guests a confirmation mail frequently.

Cancellation policy

We require 3 days notice prior to the accommodation date if you would like to cancel or alter your booking.

2days from arrival date
50% of total
accommodation fee
1day from Arrival dare
80% of total
accommodation fee
On arrival date or no show
100% of total
accommodation fee

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We cannot accept kids under 12 years old.
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